Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1
Thursday, 25 November 10:00-11:00

Corporate Transformation toward New Normal Era
– Comprehensive Reform of Management, Business, and IT –


Mr. Hiroshi Kodama
NEC Corporation, Executive vice president, CIO, and CISO
The Society of Project Management, President


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought rapid and unprecedented changes to a lot of companies. The rapid popularization of remote working and video conferencing exemplifies these changes. Tackling these situations requires not only improving IT but also implementing integrated reform of management, operations, and IT. Furthermore, the way of project management and human resource development should be reconsidered.
In this keynote speech, some examples of the actual initiatives, and the Corporate Transformation that companies should deal with will be explained

Keynote 2
Friday, 26 November 9:00-10:00

Beyond knowledge in IT projects: what competences will be necessary?

Dr. Jesus Martinez Almela
Chairman of the IPMA Council of Delegates


Project management for IT projects experienced a significant change in the last twenty years. From a tools and methods oriented approach it developed into an agile framework when new methods and methodologies are used.

Immersed in the era of AI, robotics and digitization the question mark is which will be future trends and drivers of changing careers and job roles of IT project management team members stretching out into the future with AI adoption? Will be the AI the opportunity to a receptive workforce for Project Management and Project Managers? Many of us keep wondering about what will be the necessary competences lo lead IT projects in the era of AI because the implications related to adoption of AI are significant.

Beyond knowledge an holistic perspective competence-based management discipline aiming at delivering long-term sustainable value for a variety of stakeholders in their professional and private roles, for private and public organizations, and for society as a whole.

Keynote 3
Friday, 26 November 13:20-14:20

Hitachi’s efforts to ensure the quality of digital transformation


Mr. Osamu Yamakawa
Hitachi, Ltd.System & Service Business Division Director,
Digital Service Quality Assurance Department


DX (Digital Transformation), which uses digital technology to transform businesses and provide new services and value, is being accelerated. Especially developing systems that utilize IT technologies such as big data analysis, IoT, and AI (artificial intelligence) is an important factor in the aspects of advancing DX.

On the other hand, providing systems and solutions that utilize these technologies involves quality risks we have never experienced before.

For example:

(1) In demonstration experiments, the success of the experiment may be prioritized and the viewpoints of ensuring safety, security measures, privacy protection, etc. may not be prioritized.

(2) The results of judgments and predictions made by AI depend on learning data. We aren’t sure the correct answer, so We can’t use the conventional way of thinking about software testing. It is also necessary that AI does not promote discrimination and ethical issues are addressed.

(3) The fusion of IT such as IoT and the real world causes the amount of data to be handled increased dramatically, which makes it difficult to predict the behavior of the data, so there is a limit to test in quality assurance. In addition, there are increasing number of cases where production sites such as factories and software development sites collaborate more closely to create a system. There is also a high risk of troubles due to discrepancies in recognition due to differences in organizational culture, standards, and management processes.

In addition to these new elements, we need a quality assurance concept that follows speedy developments. In this keynote, we will introduce our handling for quality assurance that considers the features and risks of DX ,including examples.